The Belize Zoo

Well over a hundred species of indigenous wildlife will greet you feet away in this famous wildlife center, the Belize Zoo, from crocodile to scarlet macaws, Harpy Eagle, the five cats of Belize (jaguar – including a black jaguar – ocelot, puma, margay and jaguarondi), the Central American Tapir (Belize’s national animal), Keel Billed Toucan (Belize’s National Bird), and many others.

A camera is a must! Both spider and howler monkey cavort on the tree branches, with white tailed deer and wild pigs running around in the undergrowth.

The natural environment created by the zookeepers keeps the wildlife feeling right at home. There is well-stocked handicraft center at the site. The zoo is a mere 31 miles from Belize City on the Western Highway.

(3 person per tour minimum – Includes Entrance fee to zoo, guided tour, transportation)

  • Bring Along:
    Sunblock, Insect Repellent (we will be in the jungle), All Condition Geat Shoes or similar , etc.
  • Tour Duration:
    3 to 4 Hours
Cost per Person: $55.00USD
Group Cost: $50.00USD/Person

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