Zipline Tour

The latest addition to our exciting tours is our zip line. This tour takes you to the Sibun Caves branch system where you will be given the opportunity to soar through the jungle treetops high above the forest floor suspended by our secure double lined cables.

You will be transported from the Fort Street Tourist Village to Jaguar Paw, upon arrival you will be given a safety briefing and outfitted with safety gear that includes a body harness, pulleys, helmet and gloves. After you are fully geared up and checked, your tour then starts off with a short educational hike up to the first platform.

Here a new world unfolds as you gently slide along on a steel cable to the next tree platform. All tours are escorted through the forest canopy by a lead guide and a follow guide to ensure your safety. The guides explain the different areas of the ecosystem you are experiencing. Your tour will take you over eight platforms. Along the way you will enjoy the birds eye view of our beautiful pristine ecosystem.

  • Bring Along:
    Sunblock, Insect Repellent (we will be in the jungle), All Condition Gear Shoes or similar (water booties), etc.
  • Tour Duration:
    5 Hours ( Includes 1 hour break for lunch)
Cost per Person: $99.00USD
Group Cost: None

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