Old Belize Tour

As the only fully interactive exhibit of its kind within the country, the award winning historical masterpiece of Old Belize, situated at Mile 4 on the Western Highway and within convenient proximity of Belize City limits serves as the ideal shore excursion destination for visitors wishing to savor an in-depth slice of Belize’s unique heritage without a lengthy bus ride to any one of its many historical sites and natural monuments.

Indeed, Old Belize ingeniously showcases over 1000 years of Belizean history encompassing a variety of landscapes, infrastructure, and cultures all in a convenient 45 minute tour which allows visitors to leisurely stroll through a series of chronologically arranged exhibits starting with a reconstruction of the country’s most revered national treasure, its pristine tropical rainforest. After relishing the echoing sounds of the forest while meandering through an elaborate backdrop of towering trees, cascading waterfalls, and mysterious cave formations, visitors enter the captivating world of the ancient Maya depicted in full detail including artistic reconstructions of every significant artifact from the stone temple to the ancient tomb.

The Old Belize tour culminates with a glimpse into the dawn of the modern era including a perfectly recreated Belize City street dating back to the early 1900s complete with wooden colonial homesteads and well lit shop windows. Adjacent to this eye-catching display is an equally remarkable reconstruction of a traditional Garifuna home complete with the distant echoes of the famous Garifuna drums.

A variety of attractive handcrafted souvenirs including a selection of indigenous hardwood slabs, tasty condiments, and elegant paintings can be purchased at the well stocked gift-shop situated at the museum’s rear exit. Following the enlightening interactive history lesson encased within the confines of the Old Belize museum, it is time to relax, unwind, and enjoy some of the site’s other attractions including a refreshing cocktail and mouthwatering Belizean meal at the spacious Sibun Bite Bar and Grill which overlooks the picturesque Caribbean shores of sun-kissed Cucumber Beach, the only man-made beach within the Belize City area.

Clearly an unforgettable experience, the Old Belize tour is a must see for anyone wishing to gain a greater appreciation of Belize’s colorful history and vibrant culture!

(4 person per tour minimum)

  • Bring Along:
    You don't need to bring anything.
  • Tour Duration:
    2.5 Hours
Cost per Person: $50.00USD
Group Cost: $45.00USD/Person

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