Baboon Sanctuary

The tiny riverside community of Bermudan Landing is situated approximately six miles north of Burrell Boom Village. Once only accessible by hand operated ferry, two sturdy iron bridges now extend over the deep river valley providing a picturesque view of the lush vegetation and emerald waters below. The area is rapidly becoming a popular tourist destination as home of the famous Community Baboon Sanctuary, one of the few conservation facilities in the entire region that is dedicated to the protection of the black howler monkey.

The calls of the versatile primates can be heard for miles around and sightings of the animals frolicking in the roadside vegetation are commonplace. There is even a designated baboon crossing marked by and overhead rope ladder bridge that connects two trees on either side of the narrow dirt road. The intelligent creatures traverse the contraption with graceful ease providing invaluable photo opportunities for passers by.

The entrance to The Community Baboon Sanctuary is located a few hundred yards from the opening to the swimming area. A grass-covered driveway marks the entrance to the small cement museum and visitors’ center that showcase a condensed range of indigenous flora and fauna. A few animal skulls including a large decayed bullhorn, a collection of dried butterflies, and an exhibition of the sanctuary’s chronological background comprise the simple but highly informative display. An assortment of bush medicines made from the wide variety of medicinal plants found on the sanctuary tour can be purchased at the museum and visitors center that also marks the starting point for the tour.

The Baboon Sanctuary tour is a true nature-lover’s paradise as a rainbow of butterflies, birds, and reptiles can be seen while traversing through high grass and thick undergrowth. The most esteemed sighting is undoubtedly that of a family of black howler monkeys casually lounging in an oasis of fruit trees. The animals appear to welcome the spectators as they swing avidly from branch to branch and chatter boisterously among themselves. The booming vocal roar of an adult male serves to alert the pack of the arrival of the tiresome visitors. Without a doubt, a weary trek through thick vegetation risking the occasional graze or insect bite in the saturating subtropical humidity is a small price to pay for the overwhelming spectacle of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Photo opportunities are in abundance but undeniably the most priceless keepsake is that everlasting mental portrait and the feeling of absolute freedom and relaxation that is uniquely experienced amidst Belize’s unspoiled wilderness!

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    You don't need to bring anything.
  • Tour Duration:
    3 Hours
Cost per Person: $45.00USD
Group Cost: $40.00USD/Person

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