Cahal Pech

Poised for total control of the area, Cahal Pech Maya site sits on the top of a high hill overlooking modern day San Ignacio/Santa Elena, beautiful twin towns of the Western District of Cayo.

Dating back to 1,000 B.C, this important ceremonial and trading center of the ancient Maya dominated the area, with the serene Macal River flowing beneath the temples and homes of the people of a bygone civilization. Since the Maya could not expand outward, after running out of hill space, they expanded upward, giving this site the most unique collection of rooms atop rooms, corbelled archways, stairways to the stars, and plazas where once the rich and powerful rulers passed their edicts and continued spreading their influence over their people.

Cahal Pech also has a well organized display center, where you may view some excellent artifacts, once sacred to the Maya for their important religious ceremonies.

(4 person per tour minimum)

  • Bring Along:
    You don't need to bring anything.
  • Tour Duration:
    6 Hours ( Includes 1 hour break for lunch)
Cost per Person: $75.00USD
Group Cost: $70.00USD/Person

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