Great Tikal Trip

The tour begins with your Pick Up at 7:00AM at specific point.

When in the bus, a short tour briefing before departing for Belize Guatemalan Border.

This is a one hour and forty-five minutes drive to the borders, have your passports and tax monies (departure and entry Taxes) ready at both immigration offices. Next we continue on a one hour and a half drive to Tikal. When in Guatemala, you will see the difference and feel different. You are now in a Spanish speaking country. Upon reaching Tikal, you’ll have a guided tour of the site for about four hours or so

Of which you will see an abundance of flora and fauna and the many Maya temples that were a part of the once flourishing Tikal society. Here you will be impressed with the amazing tall structures that stand in ruin and especially of their history. After the tour you have lunch and then its time to travel back to the border. You do not have to pay taxes again. You will only need your passport. In one hour you are back to specific point Drop Off

Includes: All entrance fees, lunch and water

Minimum of 4 Persons

  • Bring Along:
    You don't need to bring anything.
  • Tour Duration:
    8 Hours
Cost per Person: $275.00USD
Group Cost: None

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