Caracol/Mountain Forrest and Water falls


An early morning departure traveling on the Western Highway to the Rain Forest reserve that spans 300 square miles. Pine Ridge offers vivid scenery of the pine forest filled with many wild life, rivers, streams, valleys, caves and waterfalls. The main attraction is the “1000 Foot Falls” which in reality is approximately 1600 feet continuous drop of rushing water. There are natural swimming pools where one may choose to do some swimming after lunch

The tour begins with your Pick Up at 7:15AM at specific point.

When in the bus, a short tour briefing before departing for the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. This is a two hours and fifteen minutes journey into the remote pine forests of Belize. There are three stops in the park. First we visit the ‘1000 Foot Falls’ where you get to stand on a balcony on the edge of the mountain and take a close look at the waterfall. Next you visit the ‘Rio Frio Cave’, here you will get the chance to hike through a small cave and see the many rock formations. It is you opportunity to visit a Maya ceremonial center. It is now time to go to the picnic shed at the ‘Rio On Pools’. Here we have lunch in a picnic buffet style. After lunch it is time to relax and enjoy the magnificent site of the pink granite rocks that haves been carved into many forms by the river that flows through them. If you wish, this is the time to take a swim in the pools formed over thousands of years. It is now time to pack up and travel back specific point Drop Off.

Included: All entrance fees, lunch and water

Minimum of 6 Persons

  • Bring Along:
    You don't need to bring anything.
  • Tour Duration:
    8 Hours
Cost per Person: $150.00USD
Group Cost: None

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